How did we become

Koçersan was founded in 1998 in Bursa to design and manufacture carrying racks . At present , we have 20.000 square meters closed area and 385 coworkers.
Koçersan Europa GmbH was founded in 2015 in Saarwellingen / Germany for the management of repair, revision, maintenance and stocking. It serves in closed area of 3.000 square meters.


- To reach to the quality , cost,timing targets with the principles of continuous improvement with focus to customer.
- To define customer requests good.
- To provıde educations for operators to improve their qualifications,performance.
- To enhance contaction in and outside the company.
- To define and follow-up all targets within continuous improvement.
- To position process approach, to make continuous improvement permanent.
- To add our suppliers to development and improvement studies by educating.
- To produce our products qualified, in time,eonomic. To reinforce customer satisfaction with our operators happiness and compny’s profitability.